About Permanent Eyebrows

If you have sparse or thinning eyebrows and are sick and tired of having to pencil, powder, or draw on your brows every day then permanent eyebrows might be the solution for you. In about an hour you can have eyebrows in the shape and color of your choice that won’t wipe, smudge, smear, or perspire away. Imagine the time you will save and frustration you will eliminate if you no longer have to fuss with drawing your brows every morning.


Before and after permanent eyebrows, hair-strokes.

Before and after permanent eyebrows, hair-strokes.

Permanent eyebrows done using a hair-like stroke are the most natural looking type of eyebrow tattoo. Many technicians fill in the brow shape with a solid color which can look dark and harsh. Skill, ability, and experience vary GREATLY among permanent cosmetic artists. Take the time to thoroughly check out references, qualifications, and experience of any permanent makeup artist before having any work done. Make sure to look at before/after pictures of her work. It is much easier to verify a technician’s work than to correct a procedure you are unhappy with.

Permanent makeup is the tattoo application of makeup such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick. As with all tattoos, permanent cosmetics are called “permanent”. In reality they do fade with lighter, more natural colors fading the fastest. The permanent makeup artist you choose should be able to tell you approximately how long you can expect your results to last.

As mentioned before, in my office the procedure takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours to complete. Much of that time is spent drawing a pattern and getting the brows even, and symmetrical, in the shape you like before any permanent mark is made. The actual procedure itself only takes about 30 minutes. I offer a local anesthetic to numb the brows and about 50% of clients choose to use it.

There is little down-time to worry about after the procedure. The brow area doesn’t swell much but may get a little pink afterward and stay that way for an hour or so. The brow color will be a bit dark for about 3-5 days after the procedure. They are not so dark that you are embarrassed to be seen in public, but they are definitely darker than they will be once they heal. After about 5 days the surface pigment will “flake” off and you will see what pigment is left under the skin. It is not uncommon to have some lighter areas after the brows are healed. A second visit, or follow-up visit, may be required but should take considerably less time than the initial procedure visit.

If you would like to learn more about the hair-stroke method of eyebrow tattooing, you can take a look at this video.